Join us at the highly anticipated SXSW Sydney WPP House this October where Landor & Fitch will be hosting two panel discussions, featuring guest speakers and experts who are industry leaders and visionaries. These thought-provoking sessions aim to spark change through open and engaging conversations.


17th October, Tuesday, 10.30am (AEST)

The power partnership: Why CMOs and CPOs have a common cause

Join us as we discuss how aligning Marketing and People functions around a single brand with common KPIs can unleash immense potential for businesses - unlocking powerful connections, great innovation, growth and extraordinary transformation.


  • David Redhill, ex CMO for Deloitte Consulting
  • Ingrid Massey, CPO, CBRE | Pacific
  • Jonathan Cummings, President, APAC, Landor & Fitch


19 October, Thursday, 5pm (AEST)

Vulnerability creates legends

Vulnerability is not weakness; it’s strength.

It’s not only an essential practice to protect brands and public figures from cancellation, but a strategy that creates enduring competitive advantage, and – most importantly - builds legends.

Join us as we share stories of how – in the age of imperfect action – more and more public figures and brands win by embracing vulnerability – originating firsts, shattering taboos, favouring urgent action over perfect process, and acknowledging that they are a work-in-progress.


  • James Forbes, Chief Executive Officer, Jane Goodall Institute Australia
  • Leandro Perez, VP & CMO Asia Pacific, Salesforce
  • Lulu Raghavan, Vice President, APAC, Landor & Fitch
  • Sergio Brodsky, Executive Director, Strategy, Landor & Fitch


Please RSVP below to attend. We look forward to seeing you!