weDo/Act kind together

To stand out, you need to stand for something

People don’t want plastic pollution and chemical burn-out with their beauty products. Neither did beauty giant Wella Company, who wanted to launch a more sustainable professional haircare offer.

But the category already had many brands that tended to look natural. To stand out, they needed to stand for something.

We created weDo/Professional, Wella Company’s first sustainable-at-heart beauty brand that connects with consumers of today.

Nothing less than radically moving the beauty industry from Me to We through the brand’s new mission: Act Kind Together

We positioned everything the brand does and sells as an optimistic act of kindness for people and planet, from packaging made entirely of recyclable materials, to products that are both vegan and cruelty-free, and a website that runs with less energy.

The new brand also inspires clean beauty enthusiasts with its pared-back ingredients list and a portion of income supporting the clean up our oceans.

weDo/ has become an unofficial ‘eco lab’ for the Wella Company hair care division, a force for positive change across the company.

“With weDo/Professional, we are tapping into growing consumer desire for products that perform, while having less impact on the environment. Not only have we developed a consolidated range of products that push the boundaries on the industry’s natural and ethical standards, but we aim to be as transparent as possible on where we have room for improvement.”

Laura Simpson, Chief Marketing Officer at The Wella Company 


Marie Claire award for best sustainable haircare brand UK 2021 

Gold Award at Vegan Awards 2020 by Boussias Communications in Greece

Certificate in sustainable development at the Packaging of Perfume Cosmetics and Design (PCD) Award in 2020

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